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What are Certificates?

In the computer world, certificates are used to establish a secure, encrypted connection. Much like showing your personal ID to the door-person at a night-club, a trust relationship is established...they trust that you are who you say, and you trust that they have the authority to let you in.

In order to use the HTN Facilities Management Server (FMS), a trust relationship must be established between your COMPUTER and the server. By default, Windows provides wizards for installing certificates for your personal user profile, but not for the computer profile. You may have noticed a security alert when first accessing this site. In order for HEROCMS and associated web-services to communicate properly, these security alerts must be bypassed by pre-establishing a trust with this site.

Installing HTN Inc. Certificates

The first thing you need is the HTN Certificate to install. This certificate is used to establish trust with the Root Authority that issued an SSL certificate. In this case, the issuing authority is HTN Inc. CA (Certificate Authority)

Get Certificate and unzip to an easy to find location on your computer. (example: C:\tmp\)


Adding Trusted Root Certificates

Since there is no default console for adding COMPUTER certificates, you must create one. Don't panic...the process is quite simple. Here we go...

1. Click "Start" then select "Run" and type "mmc" in the Run dialog. Click OK

Figure 1

2. You will get a blank Console much like this:

Figure 2


3. Click on the Console menu selection "File" and select "Add/Remove Snap-in..."

Figure 3


4. On the Add/Remove Snap-in dialog,Click the "Add..." button. Select Certificates from the Standalone Snap-in list and click "Add"

Figure 4


5. Select "Computer Account" and click "Next"

Figure 5


6. Follow the remaining prompts through to completion of the Add/Remove Snap-in routine, until you have a Console that looks like this:

Figure 6


7. In the Console Root, left column, click on the + sign beside "Certificates (Local Computer) " . Right click "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and select All Tasks > Import

Figure 7


8. Use the presented Certificate Import Wizard to browse to the folder containing your previously saved HTN Certificate. Select HTN_CA_Issuer.cer and click the "Open" button. Simply follow the subsequent prompts to complete the wizard.

Figure 8


That's it! You can choose to save the Console when closing it if you wish.

Next time you vist there will be no security alerts. If you do get security alerts, one of the steps was missed, so simply follow the above instructions again.